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Blog Update

February 28, 2009

Dear Walton Friends,

For those of you who happen upon this blog, please join me at my UPDATED BLOG, in which I discuss Family TV Shows and Movies, like The Waltons. You are welcome to reply to me there with any questions or thoughts you may have on the show!

Unfortunately, The Waltons are no longer airing on TV. Please Contact the Hallmark Channel and request for them to bring our beloved show back!

I hope many of you have the DVDs are able to watch The Waltons whenever you like. Visit The Waltons General Store to check out all of the available Seasons of The Waltons, plus other shows and movies that feature cast members from The Waltons.

God bless you all and Goodnight!

Drew's Auntie

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35th Anniversary

September 14, 2007

Happy 35th Anniversary to The Waltons. The episode, The Foundling, aired first on this day - September 14, 1972. I have heard that Mash and The Bob Newhart Show are being honored for their 35th anniversary with a marathon of shows on TVland. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that The Waltons will be receiving the same honor. However, on this day - I want to say thank you to everyone assoiated with this wonderful show!

In the meantime, The Waltons still air weekdays on the Hallmark Channel. News has it, though, that the Hallmark Channel's future may be questionable. TBS, Turner Broadcasting Network, owned by Ted Turner, is looking into investing into the channel. The Hallmark Channel has been looking for a buyer for 2 years now. Comcast and other companies are also looking into the channel. It has received strong ratings with it's family-friendly content - so I hope whoever buys the channel, will continue with this same direction.

God bless and "Goodnight Walton Friends", Drew's Auntie


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TV FAMILIES - Best & Worst...

August 13, 2007

Let me start out this blog with how much I enjoyed everyone's pictures from the Walton Reunions from The Waltons forum. They were all so wonderful... made all of us who could not be there- get a very good taste of what it was like to be there!

I so loved seeing all of the cast members- especially all of those Walton children.... Mary Ellen, Jason, Ben, and Erin. They haven't hardly changed a bit from the last Reunion Movie.... and Michael Learned is still so lovely! I just love our precious show, which leads me to my next upsetting comments....

I just read an article from England regarding who are the best and worst Film Families... and they rated our Waltons as the Number 1 - Worst. I couldn't believe it. How could they? I have always liked England, Jane Austen, Big Ben... all of it. In fact, I have relatives who have been there numerous times and an Aunt who brought me back a souvenir from Harrods - just last year when she vacationed there with family. So, please understand that I do love England very much- but I do...


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The Waltons Reunion in California

July 6, 2007


My thoughts today are on those attending - The Waltons Reunion in California, in honor to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of The Waltons! How I wish all of us Walton fans could be there with the cast members and other fans.

Today (July 6th), fans are supposed to receive a tour of the Warner Bros Ranch - where the outside shots were taken of the house. I hope many will share this experience and hopefully photos, too - on The Waltons Forum. (Maybe someone who went - took enough pictures to post on a web-site! Guess we'll have to wait and see....)

The main reunion with the cast members (Looking forward to hearing who was there!) will take place tomorrow evening at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn in North Hollywood. It will begin around 6:00 PM and last until about 11:00 PM.

I hope all of you that do attend - have a Wonderful Walton time!!! Soak it up for the rest of us!!! We can't wait to hear from you... when you come back to earth!!!

God bless and "Goodnight" Walton Friends, Drew's Auntie

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Waltons leave Hallmark Channel

May 30, 2007


Well, the news of The Waltons leaving the Hallmark Channel came first from www.sitcomsonline.com on their BLOG and now it has been confirmed from Hallmark to be true. It seems as if - we have lost our beloved show in the mornings. Like many of you - watching The Waltons is how I begin my day. It was fun knowing that even though many of us devoted Walton fans are miles apart - that we were all united in the mornings watching our show together.

The Waltons will be replaced by Murder She Wrote. Some have reported that it will be gone as early as June 1, some say June 4, and I have even read June 24. I believe the last day will be Friday, June 1st. I've checked the listings at TV Now for Angela Lansbury, who is the lead role on Murder She Wrote, and it says it starts June 4 at 8AM.

The Last Walton Episodes on Hallmark...

May 31st  -   8 AM: The Spirit    /    9 AM: The Fastidious Wife

The Spirit - Jeffrey befriends an escaped German POW.

The Fastidious Wife- Inspired by a marriage book from Corabeth, Cindy tires herself by catering to Ben....


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Happy Mother's Day !!!

May 12, 2007

Tomorrow is officially Mother's Day! I wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers who visit my web-site. If you model yourselves at all like Grandma or Olivia Walton, then you must have wonderful children... who love their parents, care for their siblings, respect their elders, are patient when times are tough, strive to their best, and have faith in the Almighty, though the world goes the other way.

I recently added screen-images from The Waltons reunion special - Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain to my Walton Family Photo Album. You can visit the site here to see the images. Mother's Day tells the story of Mary Ellen's Wedding to Jonesy and the struggles they endure after she is an automobile accident. The rest of the family is also featured in the story- Grandma, Jason, Erin and Paul, Jim Bob, and Elizabeth- who writes a Special Essay for Mother's Day and gives her Speech at church. Olivia is not home, yet, do to her Tuberculosis, but we do see her on the phone and visiting with Mary Ellen, who goes to see her in Arizona. Back on Walton's Mountain, Ben and Cindy welcome a son into the world - Charles Benjamin....


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Season 5 on DVD !

May 10, 2007

Season five of The Waltons was just released this week (May 8, 2007) on DVD. I had my copy pre-ordered from Amazon.com for months. I was very delighted and surprised that it arrived via - United States Postal Mail on the very day of the release. I couldn't have received it more promptly - unless I had waited myself at midnight for the show to go on the shelf! It is a very nice dvd collection. I wasn't sure if I was fond of the collage pictures as much this time - but I think it is very lovely in person. It's amazing how much content they can squeeze in such a small package! I have the front and back cover of the dvd on my what's new page. Be sure to click on the small pictures to see them larger.

My favorite 5 episodes of Season 5 - that I will probably watch over and over are:

  • The Baptism (Ben's my favorite in this one!)
  • The Nightwalker (the town dance)
  • The Wedding (Mary Ellen gets Married - actually, 2 episodes)
  • The Pony Cart (One of the best episodes over the entire series!!!)
  • The Best Christmas (Also, another favorite- best...

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My thoughts on The Waltons

March 19, 2007

I am so glad that we still have our beloved Waltons to watch in the Mornings on the Hallmark Channel. I was afraid they were going to take their station in a more seculiar direction, but thus far, they have remained family oriented. I am glad about that, because there are not many stations like this any more.

Foundations, Earl Hamner's new Television idea - definitely sounds like a show / program I would watch. Hopefully many of you are interested, too! If it is anything like The Waltons, in any way, than I know I would love it. Why can't there be shows created in the same family design of The Waltons? Television Networks certainly do there best to try to copy the sitcom formula of Friends or the drama series of ER or CSI. It's time to have another family series like The Waltons, though I know in my heart - nothing could ever top it. I have more information on Foundations on my What's New with The Waltons web-page.

I read a wonderful article about Michael Learned visiting her Grand-daughters school. There is also a picture of Michael reading with the children. She sounds like such a lovely woman. It's interesting to read in...


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My New Blog!

February 21, 2007

Hello Walton Friends,

I just added this new blog to my web-site. I will do my best to post here any new information on The Waltons, Updates to my Web-site, or any other interests. You may post replies to my statements and share your ideas, as well. I hope many Walton fans will visit and enjoy this new blog.

It's hard to believe that in a few days February will be gone. I love to watch - A Wedding on Walton's Mountain this time of year - because Erin's wedding is set around Valentine's Day. It is such a lovely ceremony - that Paul is so Handsome and Erin is so lovely. For any of you who didn't know - Mary McDonough is actually wearing her "real-life" Mother's Wedding Dress. I think of that each time I watch it - and it adds to the beauty of the Walton family closeness.

For Screen-cap Images of A Wedding on Waltons Mountain, click here.

Well, I will close for today and return with my thoughts on The Waltons Season 4 DVD and Foundations, Earl Hamner's new prospective TV project.

God bless and "Goodnight", Drew's Auntie

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