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The Story Behind Me and My Site...

I live on the farm in Frankfort, Indiana ~ hometown of Grandpa Walton, Will Geer. It is rather wonderful and exciting to know I live in the very town where Mr. Geer grew up and performed plays and such! Watching "The Waltons" has been an enjoyment of mine since I was very young. It's wonderful to see a family on Television full of so much love~ living and working together. Watching each show makes me appreciate the special family I have all the more!

Why I Call Myself ~ Drew's Auntie!

I have an adorable little nephew whose name is Drew. He is the only person in my immediate family with a Walton name, and so that is why I call myself Drew's Auntie!

The Walton Character I Relate to Most!

Everyone has a Walton character they relate to the most, and while I have often felt a special bond to John Boy, due to his love for writing, the Walton most like myself, was always Elizabeth. I am the youngest child in my family... I was always the little girl with the pig-tails.... imaginative and creative! I love my family and siblings very much ~ I've always looked up to them and tried my very best to immulate them - much like Elizabeth!

About the Youngest, Elizabeth!

As true Waltons fans know- the youngest of the Walton children- Elizabeth, was the apple of her Grandpa's eye, she loved to take walks with him and go fishing, she loved to sit on her Daddy's lap and was always curious... she was a real tom-boy, too ~ but...

Elizabeth eventually grew up and when she did, a very handsome and special young man named Drew walked into her life. I loved the storyline of Drew and Elizabeth. They were young and sweet. Drew so easily became like another member of the Walton's family. What fun it was to watch them together.

I particularly enjoy the episode where Drew becomes jealous over all the time and attention Elizabeth is spending with her new horse. In the end, Elizabeth loses her horse and Drew gets a new horse for Elizabeth to ride - now that's true love!

What a delight it was to see Drew sitting next to Grandma at John-Boy's wedding. Drew joined the cast of The Waltons in 1980 - 2 years after Grandpa's passing. I know Grandpa would have approved of Drew with their little girl. Drew enjoyed helping John and Ben out in the mill - sort of filling the void of Grandpa's help. Even though, Grandpa is not there with them all- you still sense his presence with Grandma at the wedding and always!

Finally, Elizabeth and Drew re-unite in the Walton's Easter Special! Elizabeth thought she wanted to travel the world, but soon realizes what would make her happiest of all, is right there on Waltons Mountain. Elizabeth and Drew's coming together finally makes their love story complete!

Thank You!

Thank you dear Walton fan for visiting my site! I consider us to be extended members of the Walton Family! Goodnight and God Bless!

This is an Unofficial Fan Page dedicated to Grandpa Walton. The Waltons is the property of Earl Hamner, Jr. and Lorimar Television. No copyright infringment is intended. Most pictures are from Episodes of The Waltons. Please do not copy! All the opinions stated are my own and do not reflect the thoughts of the creators or producers.

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