A Walk with Grandpa Walton
and the Walton Family
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Welcome ~
Take a Walk down Memory Lane...

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This site is dedicated to the joyful

Grandpa Walton ~
Will Geer

and the Best Family Show
ever on Television,

The Waltons!

Every Life is a Story~
Each end has a beginning...
Just as every tree began only as a seed!

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Will Geer's roots extend back to my hometown
of Frankfort, Indiana...
where he was born
on March 9th, 1902!


In 1972, Will Geer was cast in
The Waltons
as Zebulon Walton, ~Grandpa.

Mr. Geer won an Emmy
for Best Supporting Actor in 1974!

Turn on your Radio...
"The Waltons Theme"

Come Along for the Walk...

*Ever wonder what Grandpa Walton's boyhood was like? My Will Geer Biography shares how Will would take walks with his Grandpa and talk to the trees!

*See pictures of the Frankfort Town Mural
tribute to our hometown legend, Will Geer.

* PHOTOS of Grandpa and the Walton Family

*Will Geer as Grandpa - Picture Page!

*Feel like JOHN-BOY and Share your Thoughts with our Walton Family

*See What is New and Upcoming with The Waltons and the Waltons Cast!

*Download a NEW Walton's Wallpaper!

*All about me ~ Drew's Auntie!

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Thank you for visiting my site!

Goodnight Grandpa!

This is an Unofficial Web-site dedicated to Grandpa Walton! Unfortunately, I never knew Will Geer personally. I am simply a fan of his work on The Waltons and am very proud that he came from my hometown. This is my tribute to him!

God Bless! and Goodnight Everyone!

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